One the one hand

Paper Birds Company

Touring 2013-14

set and costumes










 'Fiammetta Horvat’s delightful set is also ground-breaking, cramming a symbolic house into two time levels, forcing the four actresses to clamber bravely over a suspended bath and bed, in their efforts to reach allotted positions.'

On the one hand. 2013. Philip Fisher. British Theatre Guide

'...scenes are played out on, in and around the piece’s visually striking set design.

...this provides for some wittily ingenious exits and entrances, as well as presumably signifying the extent to which women’s lives tend to be grounded in the domestic...'

On the one hand. 2013. Wilson. The Scotsman 

' has been used to good effect with Fiammetta Horvat's ingeniously suspended domestic-themed set.'
On the one hand. 2013. Hanna Giles. Whats on stage.

Once again Fiammetta Horvat has produced a stunning and innovative yet simple set design for the company - with a rectangle block filled with a fridge, bath, table and bed - utilised by performers  within and between scenes. This naturalistic domestic set-up is turned on its head as the space is used with multiple functions beyond what you would expect.

On the one hand. 2013. Amyjanessmith.blogspot

'The set was excellent and was also woven into the story well. I sort of felt that the characters climbing and overcoming the challenges of the set symbolised the up, down, back and forth surprising process of living.'

On the one hand. 2013. Zoe parker. theculturevulture

'Similar ideas are more subtly and eloquently explored in the design, which contains the domestic sphere within a space in which familiar household objects are suspended and repurposed, implicitly pushing at accepted ideas of women’s roles and experiences'

On the one hand. 2013. Catherine Love. Exeunt Magazine



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