BA in Theatre Design Central School of Speech and Drama

Skills: props, costumes, set, scenic painting and model making 

IT skills: photoshop. auto cad. Illustrator. Indesign. Premiere. Flash. Excell 

languages: French. Italian. English

Fiammetta is a visiting lecturer at CSSD 

Illustration work update: 

Set and Costume Design:



       'Error 404'                                         By and with Daniel Bye.  Polka theatre.

       'Mobile'                                             With Paperbirds


        'Light'                                               AdInfinitum theatre.  Mime festival London.

        'Blind'                                               Paperbirds.  Touring the uk.                   

        'Broke'                                              Paperbirds.  Touring the uk.    

        'Top secret'                                       Inspector Sands company. Discover centre.


         'Das Märchen vom alten Mann'          Theater Montagnes Russes. Wien Modern opera festival. Vienna

         'Undiscover'                                      Inspector Sands company. Discover centre.              

         'On the one hand'                             Paperbirds.         With Northern Stage opening in July 2013 Edinburgh.   

         'The Man Jesus'  by Matthew Hurt            with Simon Callow.   directed by Joseph Alford.      Lyric Theatre Belfast. 

          'Macbeth'                                         with Chinaplate and Contender Charlie.    Warwick Art centre. National tour.    


         'Macbeth'                                         Remake with Chinaplate and Contender Charlie.  National tour 2013.

         'Christmas Carol'                              Institut Francais

         'Mess'                                              Caroline Horton.     Traverse Theatre


          'Thirsty'                                           PaperBirds Company.      National tour 2012

          'Macbeth'  by Shakespeare                    Chinaplate and Contender Charlie.    Warwick Art Centre

          'Waiting for Stanley'                         Finger in the Pie.  Greenwich theatre.     National tour 2012     

            'Cowardy custard'   by N.Coward                  dir: P.Foster. Evergreen production. National tour 2011.                     


         'Ghosts'      by Ibsen                                dir: Sophie Hunter.       With Extant Co. Access Theatre. New York. 


        ‘A shred of identity'  by D.  Marechera      Short film directed by Nana O Ayim.        Oxford festival

         ‘To Die a Second Time’                     dir: Teunkie van der Sluijs. Arcola Theatre.    Grimborn festival

         ‘The Bronte sisters’                           with The History Girls. Short film.


         ‘Christmas Carol’   by C. Dickens              dir: Adrian Berry.    Jakson’s Lane Theatre.       

         ‘Les voies d’un regard’                     Photo exhibition. Villa Tamaris. Toulon.         Exhibition design


         ‘Terrific Electric’                               Boileroom company. The Pit.     Bite festival. Barbican


        ‘The Labyrinth Horvat’                       Photo exhibition. Musée Landowski. Paris.        Exhibition design


        ‘Finally the girl’    by J.Donnelly              dir: Paul Robinson.  Old Red Lion Theatre.

         Notting Hill Carnival                         London School of Samba

        ‘Achidi-Js Final Hours’    by A.Evans      dir: Che Walker.    Finsborough Theatre.


        ‘Anorak of Fire’  by S.Dinsdale               dir: C.Neil.     Etcetera Theatre

        St George’s Hospital                          site specific.       Ladder to the Moon company in collaboration with NHS.


        'As you like it' by Shakespeare                 Natural Perspective company. Greenwich park.

       ‘Cabaret’                                             dir: Steve Jameson.       with London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art

       ‘Commedia dell’Arte  in staircases’      Site specific. CSSD

       ‘The Lost Child Project’                        Playground Installation. The October Gallery  with Jamie Vartan and David Glass Ensemble.   


        ‘Jeanne La Pucelle’             Promenade performance.   Powdermonkey Co.  Oval Main House.


 assisting and making:



'Les Miserables'                               


'Britannicus'                 by Racine

'the seagull'                 by Chekhov

'History girls'


des: I. Karas.  dir: M.Moody                                       
Pimlico Grange Opera. men Prison

Des: C.Lamford. 

dir: J. Blatchley. Des: D.Schweitzer
Runaway theatre. Arcola theatre.

short film. Comedy for BBC on line

des: T.Spooner. dir: M.Moody                                       
Pimlico Grange Opera. Send Women Prison

wardrobe   mistress

wardrobe   mistress

costume design assistant


wardrobe assistant


'Matilde di Shabran’          by Rossini 


‘Falstaff’                        by Verdi                                             

des: S. Tramonti . dir: M. Martone.                           Royal Opera House. London.

des: S. Tramonti.  dir: M. Martone                              Theatre des Champs Elysées. Paris.

set design assistant

set design assistant


‘Aida’                                   by Verdi                                  

des: S. Tramonti. Arena di Verona Festival.

set design assistant


‘La Traviata’                     by Verdi

des: A. Berardi. dir: C. Comincini                                  Teatro Massimo. Palermo.                                        Tenerife Opera Festival                                               Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.

costume design assistant


‘Torvaldo e Dorliska’     by Rossini

des: S. Tramonti. dir: M. Martone                                Rossini Opera Festival. Pesaro

set design assistant


Le Nozze di Figaro’   ' Cosi fan tutte’  'Don Giovanni’     
by Mozart

des: S. Tramonti. dir: M. Martone                                 Teatro San Carlo. Naples.                                    

set design assistant


‘Beowulf’      the film

Tirelli.  Costume workshop. Roma.

costume maker


Don’t Look Back’                           Promenade performance

DreamThinkSpeak company.                                  Somerset House and The State ArtDeco cinema

design & director assistant


Happy Yet?’                   by Feydeau

des: Naomie Wilkinson. dir: Ed Wood.  The Gate Theatre

costume design assistant


‘Stuart Little’ 

Polka Children Theatre

props maker


Hello and Goodbye’by Athol  Fugard

des:Laura Hopkins. dir:P.Robinson. SouthwarkPlayhouse

set & costume design assistant


by Simon Dyle

des: Dick Bird. Almeida Theatre

set & costume design assistant


by Shakespeare 

The Globe Theatre

props maker work placement


‘The Tempest’            
by Shakespeare

des: Sue Buckmaster and R. Finn. Polka Theatre.

props maker


 ‘The Red Thread’/                         'The Lost Child  Trilogy’

des: J. Vartan. David Glass Ensemble.

props maker


‘Blue Remembered Hills’                    by D. Potter                 

Yellow Earth company. dir: David Glass

props maker



‘Theusus and the Minautor’

David Glass Ensemble. Polka Theatre.

props maker

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