Paperbirds company

touring 2012

set and costumes








On Fiammetta Horvat's deft set, the cubicles become phone booths, changing rooms and nightclub toilets, the graffiti on the walls and the loo paper provide the script.

Thirsty. 2011. Alice Jones. The Independent  

Fiammetta Horvat’s ingeniously simple set consists of three toilet stalls – one contains musician Shane Durrant, the other transform into bedrooms, nightclubs or changing rooms.

Thirsty. 2011. Deborah Smith.

Fiammetta Horvat’s set evolves from aptness into playful versatility. 

Thirsty. 2011. Suzanne Black. The List


Framed with an unusual set, involving three bathroom stalls and many, many (many) glasses of alcohol...

Thirsty. 2011. Katherine Alexander. T   

Great performances, the music is great, the design is great and the staging is great.

Thirsty. 2011. Richard Marsh.


As you enter the barn like Pleasance Two you are greeted by an SFX drip and a wonderful stage setting that will instantly draw you in to the Paper Birds 'Thirsty' world.

Thirsty. 2011. Alex Millar. Public Reviews


All of this action takes place in a public toilet, which sounds like it might detract from the spectacle; but in fact the set design adds to it enormously. The trio of Fabergé toilet stalls continually spring surprises throughout the performance. It is a wonderfully imaginative depiction of a mundane everyday environment.

Thirsty. 2011. Charlie Galbraith.




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