Waiting for Stanley 

Finger in the Pie 

Touring 2012 

set and costumes





The stagecraft is a joy. A string of cut-out paper children are slowly concertinaed out of view as they are evacuated from their homes. A clothes line full of washing is backlit to reveal a city in flames, bombs raining from the sky. There are numerous vintage suitcases strewn around the set and in these become accordions, typewriters, kitchen tables; 

Waiting for Stanley. 2012. Natasha Tripney. Exeunt Magazine

The set is deceptively simple, a stack of suitcases in keeping with the starting point, a railway station, but nearly every one of those cases has a secret to reveal or contributes to the action in some way. Our imagination recreates the space as the interior of her home, her kitchen, the shelter... whilst the suitcases become kitchen tables, typewriters, a child’s bed...

Waiting for Stanley. 2012.  Kate Saffin. Fringereview.co.uk

What appears to be the detritus of a rundown wartime railway station provides (quite literally) a box of tricks, as suitcases transform into radios, cribs, typewriters and many other props.

2011. Naylor. Westend.broadwayworld.com



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